Compassionate Counselling for Women of Vancouver, BC & the Lower Mainland

Why Avalon?

Why the Name “Avalon” Counselling?


The Legend of Avalon


When I learned about the legend of Avalon in my 20s, it beautifully embodied what I’d always felt I was missing from my school education. The island was a mystical place where women went to learn about themselves, and their connections to the natural world. I was struck by the idea of becoming spiritually powerful not through violence or force, but through wisdom, depth and personal confidence. I longed to learn and grow in a wonderful place of healing but the modern world around me didn’t offer this.




I felt drawn to the strength of spiritual people I encountered and tried to understand how they had become so kind, peaceful and respectful. Bit by bit, I absorbed the state of mind of these mentors and began to be able to get into a zone where I could feel the calm strength that they embodied. It took work and practice to evoke the powerful wise person inside me but these people helped me and slowly, the ethics, morality and truth I’d been yearning for in a place like Avalon, became a state of being inside myself.


Bringing Avalon to Life


In the legend of Avalon, the island was hard to access. You needed someone who’d been there to show you the way in through the murky mists on the lake. Others have been this guide for me,  not by telling me what I should do or how I should change, but by existing inside this place of healing themselves. They were able to show me the compassion and care I needed to be able to tap into my rooted sense of confidence.


Avalon Moving Forward


My work is to help women access the strength they already have. I don’t see myself as a teacher or authority, but rather someone who has crossed the misty waters many times within my own life and is getting better and better at stepping into this centered place. I have the great privilege of accompanying women as they unfurl the power of their gentle nurturing sides and their wise leadership roles. As each of us become empowered, we unlock the wisdom we have to share with others and step together onto the sacred ground of Avalon.