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Anxiety and Depression

Depression is common…

Anxiety and depression are very common in society today. People so often feel isolated and alone despite living in a huge community and the more lonely we feel, the less we feel able to do anything about it. It can be hard to make plans, face the world and feel like you are of value.

Anxiety is feelings of being overwhelmed by what’s happening in your life and often goes hand in hand with depression. The result can be feeling like you are stuck in mud.

Renee’s gentle approach…

I appreciate the effort it takes for someone facing depression or anxiety to start counselling. Taking this step takes enormous courage and strength. My role is to support you in your search for hope and a renewed enjoyment in life. I have personal experience with depression, so I understand that each person’s situation is unique and nobody can tell you the path out of it. I bring a large variety of ideas and resources we can use to approach your specific situation until you find a tool or idea that feels meaningful and hopeful to you.