Compassionate Counselling for Women of Vancouver, BC & the Lower Mainland

Exploring Spirituality

Questioning your beliefs…

I often talk with people who were raised in a faith that now feels disconnected from who they are. As we age and gather experiences, it can feel as though there’s a gap between what feels right to our inner senses and what we have been brought up to believe.

It’s not as simple as talking to a leader or elder when you are questioning what you know they expect from you. Even members of the same family can grow to have different beliefs, and this can make it hard to discuss with them how we feel or what we are going through. Many of us feel concerned that we will be judged or even condemned for our feelings and so we remain silent and end up feeling distant from the people around us.

Only you can figure out what feels true for you and it is often so hard to figure this out alone and in silence. In counselling, my approach to exploring this with you will be free from judgement. I believe that it is tremendously helpful to talk with people who are open to hearing and exploring what you believe. When you have this opportunity, you will likely become clearer about your life, your goals, your ethics and what kind of person you want to be.

If you were raised without religion…

Were you raised without a spiritual outlook on life? Maybe now you feel that something is missing. Perhaps you have had experiences that feel spiritual and real but don’t know what to do with this. How do you bring this into the rest of your life?

Some of us were taught to think critically of spirituality and religion and now you might be wondering if there could be something of value to you in a spiritual approach to life. Perhaps no religious practice calls to you but you want to acknowledge and understand the spiritual feelings that you have. This can feel confusing.

My role is to support you in sorting out what feels real and true for you. When you can come to understand and accept how you feel about your spirituality, it can become a meaningful force in your life. Spirituality that you have carefully chosen can empower you, guide you, and nurture who you are becoming.

Paranormal Experience…

Have you had an experience that leaves you asking, “Am I crazy?” The range of human experience is vast and yet many of us who have had paranormal experiences are filled with fear and anxiety, not only about the experience itself but about how other’s will react. Are you wondering if the people around you will think you’re crazy if you talk about what you’re experiencing? Will anyone understand what is happening to you?

Many experiences fall through the cracks of what we call normal such as:

• Near death experiences
• Past life memory, issues around reincarnation
• Psychic experiences
• Prophetic dreams
• Seeing, hearing or feeling the presence of a ghost or spirit
• Visitations
• Hauntings
• Apparitions
• Hallucinations
• Experiencing a spiritual emergency