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Trauma & Grief

What do I mean by Trauma?

Trauma can be big events such as car accidents, abuse or life threatening situations, but trauma can also be intense experiences of humiliation, rejection, witnessing other people’s traumas and many other situations where you are scarred emotional, if not physically.

What do I mean by Grief?

Grief comes in all sizes. When a family member dies, everyone in that family is expected to grieve. The depth of our grief is largely influenced by the intensity of the connection we had with that person, and it is expected that people may need support with that grief. When we experience other forms of loss, we can also experience intense levels of grieving, but are often left with the sense that our feelings are unwarranted and so should be kept quiet. There are expectations to just “get over” our grief, and then there is the reality of how we feel. This type of grieving may come from the loss of a friend, a pet, a job, or a career. Large changes in lifestyle such as retiring, moving, or loss of ability or skill can result in a loss of independence or community. Often I see people who have lost something that no one else understands the importance of, and then they are not only dealing with grief, but also with being alone with their loss.

Old ideas that people need to “put the past behind them” and “move forward” have often contributed to people feeling alone within the experience of suffering, and unable to express or process what they are going through. Not working through these events can lead to recurring nightmares, irritability, grief, anxiety and depression, which if ignored, can continue on indefinitely.

With me, you will have the opportunity to express your feelings around grief and trauma without judgement or any expectations of how you should feel. I’m also certified to offer EMDR therapy, which is very effective in lessening symptoms of trauma such as anxiety and suffering.

Grieving is a process, and wading into these overwhelming feelings can be scary. I will take these steps with you, and support you. You don’t need to walk this path alone.