Compassionate Counselling for Women of Vancouver, BC & the Lower Mainland

How I Work

Renee’s Philosophy:

Renee is gentle by nature and non-judgemental by experience. Life has taught her that each of us are unique and that our varying perspectives all deserve compassion and care. Her approach is encouraging, supportive, positive and future oriented.

She gives people the support and encouragement that they need to find the courage to open up the issues that have been dragging them down and holding them back. You can be free of the things that limit and exhaust you, and set your sights on the things you truly value and desire in your life.

She believes that with support, anyone can draw themselves into a positive future of their own creation and be proud of who they are.

appoach-avalon-counselling240X500tallRenee’s Skills and Tools:

Narrative Therapy

By looking at the events of our lives as “stories,” we can see things from a fresh point of view and gain new insights into the causes of events. We can see that what we’ve experienced has strengthened us and given us skills that make us more capable of handling challenges. Let’s explore your strengths together.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a technique for reducing the anxiety caused by trauma such as accidents, abuse, and any extremely fearful situation from your past

Relaxation, Meditation, and visualisation

Thse calming and focussing element can be used within a session as a short customized experience, tailored to benefit you most in this moment.

Brief Solution Focused Therapy

An especially useful way to handle immediate problems. Parents for example, often find this useful when they want to understand their child’s specific behaviour and guide them to something more constructive.


It can be helpful to be more aware of the ways we automatically think about our life, the people in it, and ourselves. Once we are aware, we can make choices to think in ways that are more helpful to us.

Energy work

Our body language, ways of speaking to others and generally interacting in the world influences how people react to us. Sometimes we feel things about people even when they havent spoken, and vice versa. What kind of energy do you send out?  that you want to left alone, or that you are open and friendly? You can learning what energy you are currently sending out, and practice changing this so you are sending out more accurate messages. I am open to us using any of your prefered energy practices such as smudging, meditation etc