Compassionate Counselling for Women of Vancouver, BC & the Lower Mainland


Renee as a Facilitator

Renee is an experienced and professionally trained Workshop and Support Group Facilitator. Her workshops and groups are hands-on, interactive and are designed to make learning fun. Renee always welcomes your questions and hearing about your experiences. She purposely designs her groups so that no prerequisites are required.

Attend a Workshop

  • Come to a workshop in your neighbourhood
  • Host a workshop by Renee in your home with your friends
  • Invite Renee to present to you and your colleagues

Email [email protected] ┬áto tell her what you are looking for.

Workshops about Children

These workshops are great for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers. They are centred around activities because children learn through doing. When we encourage a child’s natural attraction to hands-on experiences, we no longer have to fight for their attention and the most effective teaching becomes possible. Each experience becomes an experiment that they absorb and learn from.

Each workshop can be offered as part of a series or presented individually. No prerequisites are required for any workshop.