Compassionate Counselling for Women of Vancouver, BC & the Lower Mainland


Elders and Caregivers:

Renee supports both the elderly and also caregivers who are facing the decline or death of those they care for. A person’s transition into aging can include so many different things. Memory loss, personality changes, physical limitations, pain and discomfort, can all lead to grief and depression for both the aging person and the loved ones who are witnessing these changes.

Renee’s Unique Perspective:

Renee has studied Gerontology and worked with seniors and their families in a community support capacity for the first 20 years of her career. She has also personally suffered from chronic pain for much of her life. This is something that can’t be understood unless you have experienced it for yourself and lends Renee a unique perspective on physical suffering. She also began a spiritual quest for answers on death and dying after her own Near Death Experience in her 20s. This led to a deep desire to find and understand the meaning of pain and suffering, and the purpose of our lives. She supports many people in finding resolution to unfinished issues, and in continuing to find meaning and value in their lives, in the face of their limitations.

Many seniors are moving from active adult to needing the help and support of others. Are you facing large life changes such as:

• Memory loss
• Loss of mobility
• Depression
• Dementia
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Suffering from a broken hip
• Osteoporosis
• A stroke
• Declining health
• A progressive disease
• Chronic pain
• Arthritis
• Diseases and health concerns of the aged
• Their own mortality
• Fear of death and dying

You can be honest with Renee in a way that may be difficult with family and friends. Many people fear that if they disclose the reality of their lives, freedom may be taken from them or their loved ones will see them differently. Pretending that everything is fine and trying to be strong can actually increase your sense of isolation and lead to depression.  It is so important to have someone who you can be totally open with about what is happening to you. Renee’s gentle and compassionate nature as well as her own personal and professional experiences make her a unique anchor in a time of loss and change. Renee supports people in finding the best solutions for living the way that they want to, and approaches each situation with respect, honesty and an open mind.

Caregivers can also suffer great stress and feel the need to hide how they are feeling. It can feel as though it’s up to you to put on a brave face or be strong for someone that needs you. Are you:

• Caring for a parent who used to care for you
• Struggling to handle your role as caregiver and feeling over extended
• Grieving the loss or change in a relationship with a loved one
• Feeling the strain of time pressure
• Struggling to search out the right resources

It can really help to open up and admit how you are really doing with all of the things that you are handling. Renee can support you through this process and provide compassion and support.