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Reading with a Purpose

Photo used under Creative Commons from tgilheany

Photo used under Creative Commons from tgilheany

Basic Overview:

Who is the Best-Ever-Story-Reader?  YOU!


If you find your child doesn’t pay attention when you are reading to them,  they  simply may not have realized how enjoyable books can be. When readers know how to pick books, and have a few tricks and skills to use when reading aloud, children pay more attention and learn to love books. This love of books is an important step on the path to reading well and doing better in school.


As a reader, you can learn to use your voice and other skills to make story time an even more wonderful experience for your child.


Did you know…

  • that not all books are created equal for each age?

  • that your child’s enjoyment of books is key to their learning?

  • that different styles of reading can help children learn more?

You will learn…

How to assess a book for your child

  • Your child’s eyesight, vocabulary, and understanding can change every few months

  • These changes affect how your child learns from books

  • Choose the right book for the right age

Read aloud skills for the adult who reads to children

  • How to read at the right speed

  • How to use your voice and hands to help your child learn the words and understand the story

  • How to add questions and comments that can help your child learn more during reading time



Consider hosting this event, and invite your friends. I will come to your home!


Invite me to your school for an in-service workshop about effective reading aloud to your class.



Until end of 2013, if you host the group, then this workshop is $25 per person. If I book a venue for this event, then the cost may vary depending on the rental of the space.



Each workshop is typically a half day (3 hrs), but Renee specializes in customizing her content to each group and can offer more in depth exploration depending on your needs. She can also provide these topics as a series of up to four workshops, with each session focusing on a particular aspect. Discounts may apply for multiple bookings.


Group Size:

There is a 5 person minimum, and a 30 person maximum for a quality experience.



Book your group well ahead of time. Contact Renee by email with your preferred dates and indicate if you have a preferred location to hold the group, such as your home or work.



Renee’s workshops are all portable. She can bring her workshops to:

• Vancouver
• Burnaby
• New Westminster
• Richmond
• North Vancouver
• Surrey