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Nature with Curiosity

Basic Overview:

Parenting Workshop Nature

The city is full of nature. Children will be better citizens and have more respect for the environment if they notice and appreciate the natural world around them.

In this workshop we will learn easy ways to spot nature all around us and ways to draw your child’s attention to it. With these tips on “how to look” you will see things you have never noticed before even though you may have passed by it hundreds of times before.   After this workshop, you will know how to make any walk around the block a nature adventure. This workshop is a small group activity with hands-on time spent outside to practice your nature detection skills.

Workshop Take-Aways:

  • When you use these simple techniques with your children, it is fun and amazing to witness their wide eyed wonder as you awaken them to the nature.
  • Participants will leave with 1 nature book and a list of other nature resources your child might enjoy.



Consider hosting this event, and invite your friends. I will come to your home!


Invite me to your school for an in-service workshop about using the nature in your school area as a learning opportunity for your students.



Until end of 2013, if you host the group, then this workshop is $25 per person. If I book a venue for this event, then the cost may vary depending on the rental of the space.



Each workshop is typically a half day (3 hrs), but Renee specializes in customizing her content to each group and can offer more in depth exploration depending on your needs. She can also provide these topics as a series of up to four workshops, with each session focusing on a particular aspect. Discounts may apply for multiple bookings.


Group Size:

There is a 5 person minimum, and a 30 person maximum for a quality experience.



Book your group well ahead of time. Contact Renee by email with your preferred dates and indicate if you have a preferred location to hold the group, such as your home or work.



Renee’s workshops are all portable. She can bring her workshops to:

• Vancouver
• Burnaby
• New Westminster
• Richmond
• North Vancouver
• Surrey