Compassionate Counselling for Women of Vancouver, BC & the Lower Mainland

Art Therapy for Women

Basic Overview:Art Therapy Collage Workshop

Small groups of women gather to explore themselves through art and imagery, either as a one-time workshop or as an on-going group. Doing art unlocks unconscious thoughts which helps us to understand how we feel about ourselves and our lives. This new insight brings a sense of compassion to our own stories. Participants experience greater self esteem, self appreciation and joy in life.


Why Attend a Collage Workshop:

Women’s lives are often busy and filled with caring for others. This workshop gives you time for yourself. Together we create a friendly, positive circle to nurture ourselves and each other.


Who Should Participate?

This group is perfect for the non-artist because it’s about the experience not about producing art. All materials are provided.


What is Collage?

Collage is gathering and assembling already existing materials into something new, such as a small poster. These materials may include: magazines, calendars, maps, and items from nature such as: raffia, leaves, and pressed flowers.


Getting Started – the First Half Hour:

Renee arrives early, sets up the room, music and the materials and greets each person. We will create a safe space together by doing a round of welcoming. We discuss the theme of the event together and then Renee leads a short guided meditation to focus on being present in the moment and to tune in to our thoughts around the topic of the day.


Topics We Can Focus On:

• Parenting
• Body Image
• Family Relationships
• Friendships
• Childhood Experiences
• Spirituality
• Aging
• Grief
• Career Goals
• Inspiration
• Identity
• Dreams
• Your Evolution
• A topic customized for your group


Making Your Collage:

For the next hour, we all have a chance to explore the materials provided and to choose the items that speak to you. We will be selecting words, images, cutting, pasting, drawing and using any method to assemble these pieces into a whole that has meaning for you. This work time can be spent talking about the experience as we work, or participants may choose to work silently. Renee is on hand to provide support in anything that may come up for you.


Circle of Sharing:

When the group feels ready, we come together again. Each participant is invited to share whatever they are comfortable discussing about what their collage means to them or about the process of creating it. Hearing ourselves talk about the collage, often makes us aware of elements that we have added, that we now suddenly understand in a whole new way.


After the Workshop:

Participants have spoken about how these “ah-ha moments” have given them new insight about themselves. Out of this, people find…
• new self esteem
• appreciation for their own journey and how far they have come in it
• increased self love

This feeling brings…
• new focus
• new goals
• a clarity about how to get back on track within our lives
The process is somewhat magical in how these elements spontaneously evolve out of us as we go through the collage process.



Until end of 2013, if you host the group, then this workshop is $25 per person. If I book a venue for this event, then the cost may vary depending on the rental of the space.



Each workshop is typically a half day (3 hrs), but Renee specializes in customizing her content to each group and can offer more in depth exploration depending on your needs. She can also provide these topics as a series of up to four workshops, with each session focusing on a particular aspect. Discounts may apply for multiple bookings.


Group Size:

There is a 5 person minimum, and a 30 person maximum for a quality experience.



Book your group well ahead of time. Contact Renee by email with your preferred dates and indicate if you have a preferred location to hold the group, such as your home or work.



Renee’s workshops are all portable. She can bring her workshops to:

• Vancouver
• Burnaby
• New Westminster
• Richmond
• North Vancouver
• Surrey